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Try a different type of gift

Computer? Cell phone? Or even drone? Still thinking about what to buy for your beloved ones this holiday? To be honest, those are either made to keep you connected, busy, distracted, or just excited for a short moment. With the pace the world is going, you and your beloved ones deserve a different type of gift, a get-away, a relaxation, a disconnected time that belongs to you, and only you. This is why Tea Spa offers the best holiday gifts with its award-winning service on massages, facials, infrared sauna and waxing. Take 15% off on any gift cards over 100 dollars by buying online:



Tea Spa Once Again Wins Best Day Spa Award in Montgomery

When it comes to quality service, Tea Spa consistently delivers. We are delighted to announce that Tea Spa once again has won the Best Day Spa – 2016 Readers Award in Montgomery County. We believe high quality spa service should be available to everybody and is part of the overall solution to people’s physical and mental health. We will continue to provide the best service at reasonable price to all the customers in Washington DC area.

Introducing Our Esthetician Wuby

Welcome to our newest Tea Spa team member: Wuby!

Woubayehu Tafesse Graduated in 2006 as a licensed skin therapist from the Esthetic Institute of Cosmetology in Gaithersburg, MD. She has nine years experience working in  a medical spa along side doctors and health care professionals in the beauty Industry,  performing specially anti-aging and sensitive skin treatments.
She is experienced in plant based natural and nutrient rich sea weed products to deliver immediate and proven result with long term benefit.
  • She was featured on Montgomery County’s Life Style Magazine, 2008 May issue  performing the “Four Layer Facial” one of the most popular anti-aging treatments
  • She regularly participates in a number of Esthetic Conventions.
  • Member of Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP)

Tea Spa is Perfect for your lovely date.

Tea Spa is a Perfect Place for Your Spa Date with beloved one. We have two couple's room, perfect for double date too!

Tea Spa is a Perfect Place for Your Spa Date with beloved one. We have two couple’s room, perfect for double date too!

Tea Spa Wins Best Spa of Montgomery 2014

We are excited to announce that Tea Spa wins Best Spa 3rd place of Montgomery 2014. We want to thank all customers who have been in our spa in the past year. Our staff will continue to provide best of its kind, affordable, friendly, personalized beauty spa service to every customer. At this holiday season, there is no better gift card for your beloved ones than a Gift Card from Tea Spa!

Our second couple’s room is also officially ready! Ever wanted a double date in a spa with your best couple friends? Now is the perfect time!

Tea Spa wins Best Spa of Montgomery 2014.

Tea Spa wins Best Spa of Montgomery 2014.

Double Date at Tea Spa

New Couple’s Room at Tea Spa is ready! Call at 301.208.1003 to book your first double date!

Submit Your Intake Forms Online

Everybody who’s been Tea Spa loves the way we handle intake forms: we asked questions to know what areas you want our massage therapists to focus on and what areas you don’t want massage; we scan those intake forms and save them in secure locations; Finally we shred them to ensure security and privacy. Our therapists will open it up again when you visit for next time.

Now this part becomes better.

You don’t need to download PDF file, fill it out, or figure out how to put your signature in it. What you need to do is simply filling a Google form – thanks to our technology team, your inputs will be automatically put into system and a PDF intake form will be generated. Both us and you will receive a copy. It’s just another little way we make your experience at Tea Spa a little better and a little more convenient – and at the same time to save paper waste.

To try now, please follow links here: Massage client intake form, Facial client intake form.


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