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Try a different type of gift

Computer? Cell phone? Or even drone? Still thinking about what to buy for your beloved ones this holiday? To be honest, those are either made to keep you connected, busy, distracted, or just excited for a short moment. With the pace the world is going, you and your beloved ones deserve a different type of gift, a get-away, a relaxation, a disconnected time that belongs to you, and only you. This is why Tea Spa offers the best holiday gifts with its award-winning service on massages, facials, infrared sauna and waxing. Take 15% off on any gift cards over 100 dollars by buying online:



Tea Spa is Closed on Sept. 1st

Tea Spa is Closed on Sept. 1st for labor day. To book your appointment, please send email to or visit here.

Tea Spa is Closed on 4th of July

Dear Customers, Tea Spa is closed on 4th of July. We return to normal schedule on July 5th. To book appointment online, please go to

Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine’s Day is approaching, any plans? Tea Spa prepares a best date for you and your beloved ones!

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