Why become a member?

Tea Spa membership allows you to enjoy the best price possible for almost all the services at Tea Spa. Depending on different services, the discount ranges from 20% to 50%

How to become a member? How long is this good for?

Pay a $49 enrollment fee. Valid for one year starting at your enrollment date.

Is there a contract, monthly fee, or renewal fee? How to renew or cancel?

NO, NO and NO. To renew for another year, simply pay $49 after expiration date. If this program is not for you, simply let it expire.

How are we different from other spa or membership programs?

Our goal is to promote a healthy way of living, by making spa visit as simple as possible, as affordable as possible. We do not lock you with a contract, you have power to decide when to pamper yourself.

Any other benefits of this membership other than discounts?

Easy Visiting: schedule your service at a frequency of your choice. No required visits.

Easy Managing: Free Monthly Coupons, such as free sauna, no need to track points.

Easy Gathering: Family and Friends can enjoy membership rate with your guest pass.

Easy Booking:  Sundays for members only, we observe openings for members only.

Easy Canceling: 4 hours instead of 24 hours for cancellation or rescheduling.

All deals such as Groupon are for first time customers only. Our members receive the most discounted price as our promises for our loyalty customers.

Please call to activate your membership and save on your next visit! 301 942 1222

Here is how our members love us:

I previously reviewed on yelp and return as a tea spa member. My second massage was with Lillian.  she was awesome, very attentive and thorough.  2 for 2, scheduling my next appointment soon.

Debi K Yelp.com

Had an incredibly relaxing massage with Iris. Its not like walking into a fancy, upscale spa that's $$$ but it's nice inside, clean and I fully enjoyed my massage. Well worth the money and I will definitely consider looking into their member packages!!

Sabrina U Yelp.com

I LOVED my massage with Jane. My husband bought me a massage here through Groupon for my birthday and I ended up becoming a member. The staff were courteous and professional and it was definitely the best massage I have ever received. The membership seems worth it because for $49 you get yearlong access to half-priced massages and other coupons for add-on treatments. I will be back! Thanks, Tea Spa!

Ruby S Yelp.com

Become a member, it's worth it and beneficial for your health (your body will thank you). I've had a few massages there and never had a complaint. The couples massage is a great way to pamper both you and your partner.

Lauren M Yelp.com

Today was my first time getting a massage at Tea Spa and I will be going back! Ben is an excellent massage therapist and was good about working on the areas that I specified in need of extra attention. I actually cried during the massage because there was so much  stress and tension that I was releasing.

I am looking forward to using the free one day membership pass  and checking out the other services. Leaning strongly toward becoming a member!

Daphne G Yelp.com

Loved Tea Spa. Got a membership and plan to be back again soon.

Shelby F Yelp.com

I have been a member of Tea Spa for about a year now and been going there for a little longer. I really like deep pressure for my messages and have found a few therapists I enjoy seeing. It is an odd location, at the corner of University and Georgia, but once inside, I find the atmosphere serene and peaceful. I go in stressed from work and like and come out relaxed. I get extremely tight muscles in my neck and back and my therapists is really good about focusing on the areas I ask for. I also find the price reasonable, for one regularly priced deep tissue message to pay for the membership, I receive the rest of my messages for a year at half price. I find this extremely reasonable for the price. I am happy continuing to go back

Shaun K Yelp.com