Submit Your Intake Forms Online

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Everybody who’s been Tea Spa loves the way we handle intake forms: we asked questions to know what areas you want our massage therapists to focus on and what areas you don’t want massage; we scan those intake forms and save them in secure locations; Finally we shred them to ensure security and privacy. Our therapists will open it up again when you visit for next time.

Now this part becomes better.

You don’t need to download PDF file, fill it out, or figure out how to put your signature in it. What you need to do is simply filling a Google form – thanks to our technology team, your inputs will be automatically put into system and a PDF intake form will be generated. Both us and you will receive a copy. It’s just another little way we make your experience at Tea Spa a little better and a little more convenient – and at the same time to save paper waste.

To try now, please follow links here: Massage client intake form, Facial client intake form.


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