Tea Spa Acne Facial

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Yesterday we received an inquiry about how we do acne facial at Tea Spa. I think this information is beneficial to every Tea Spa client to help make skin care decisions, so I’d like to share with you here.
The acne facial at Tea Spa includes the following steps: double cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation, extractions, purifying mask, follow with toner and moisturizer, spot treatment product if necessary. The skin specialist will also use steam, hot towel, and light facial massage during the session if the skin condition allows to do so.
You skin should feel clean and refreshed immediate after the session, for adult acne it will take at least three sessions to see the healing effect, and also your home care regime is very important as well. Our esthetician will gladly answer any questions you have and recommend products and skin care tips.
We use Dermalogica product which are very result oriented and their Medi-bac Line is designed for acne prone skin. Just make sure if you are not taking any medication with Retin-A or vitamin A derivatives, otherwise the facial has to be done without exfoliation.

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